Java android:使用 TextView 添加换行符

Java android: appending a newline using TextView(Java android:使用 TextView 添加换行符)
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I just want to add a new line somehow to my linear layout:

layout = (LinearLayout) findViewById (;  

... //some other code where I've appended some strings already

final TextView nline = new TextView(this);
nline.setText(Html.fromHtml("<br>")); //i also tried:  nline.setText("


But this just adds a few spaces. Can someone help me out? Thanks.


如果您只想在其他两个视图之间留出一些空白空间,您可以在 XML 中执行此操作(假设您使用 XML 进行布局).像这样的东西可以工作,基本上是放置一个具有透明背景和给定高度的视图.这是假设您在 TextView 中具有所需的任何参数.

If you just want to have some empty space between two other views, you could do this in your XML (assuming you're using XML for the layout). Something like this could work, basically putting in a View with a transparent background and given height. This is assuming you have whatever parameters you want in your TextViews.

<TextView />

<View android:background="#00000000"
      android:layout_height="12dp" //or whatever density pixel height you want
      android:layout_width="fill_parent" />

<TextView />


Also, in what you tried above... you could try a space and newline... that might work.


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