Bytecode features not available in the Java language(Java 语言中不可用的字节码功能)
ClassCastException because of classloaders?(ClassCastException 因为类加载器?)
How can I add a Javaagent to a JVM without stopping the JVM?(如何在不停止 JVM 的情况下将 Javaagent 添加到 JVM?)
Cannot load 64-bit SWT libraries on 32-bit JVM ( replacing SWT file )(无法在 32 位 JVM 上加载 64 位 SWT 库(替换 SWT 文件))
Encourage the JVM to GC rather than grow the heap?(鼓励 JVM 进行 GC 而不是增加堆?)
Why a sawtooth shaped graph?(为什么是锯齿形图形?)
Singleton across JVM or Application instance or Tomcat instance(跨 JVM 或 Application 实例或 Tomcat 实例的单例)
What are the circumstances under which a finally {} block will NOT execute?(在什么情况下 finally {} 块不会执行?)
Maximum number of parameters in Java method declaration(Java 方法声明中的最大参数个数)
Java verbose class loading(Java 详细类加载)
Support for Compressed Strings being Dropped in HotSpot JVM?(支持在 HotSpot JVM 中删除压缩字符串?)
Java Memory explained (SUN JVM)(Java 内存解释 (SUN JVM))