Finding Active Directory users from 2 OU(从 2 个 OU 中查找 Active Directory 用户)
How to set a binary attribute when using a AccountManagement Extension Class?(使用 AccountManagement 扩展类时如何设置二进制属性?)
How to check AD user credentials when the user password is expired or quot;user must change password at next logonquot;(如何在用户密码过期或“用户下次登录时必须更改密码时检查 AD 用户凭据)
Getting last Logon Time on Computers in Active Directory(在 Active Directory 中的计算机上获取上次登录时间)
customer-configurable asp.net web site security for fine-grained control of page and button access(客户可配置的 asp.net 网站安全性,用于对页面和按钮访问进行细粒度控制)
Active Directory - Roles of a user(Active Directory - 用户的角色)
How to connect to Active Directory via LDAPS in C#?(如何在 C# 中通过 LDAPS 连接到 Active Directory?)
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List of users in specific Active Directory Distribution Group(特定 Active Directory 通讯组中的用户列表)
Active Directory User Group Memberships GroupPrincipal(Active Directory 用户组成员资格 GroupPrincipal)
Retrieving User Account Expiration from ActiveDirectory(从 ActiveDirectory 检索用户帐户到期)
How do I authenticate against Active Directory from ASP.NET web service code?(如何从 ASP.NET Web 服务代码对 Active Directory 进行身份验证?)