Running TFS Build with C# 6.0 features(使用 C# 6.0 功能运行 TFS 构建)
Where is MSBuild.exe installed in Windows when installed using BuildTools_Full.exe?(使用 BuildTools_Full.exe 安装时,MSBuild.exe 安装在 Windows 的什么位置?)
MSBuild DeployOnBuild=true not publishing(MSBuild DeployOnBuild=true 不发布)
Installing a windows service on remote machine using given username(使用给定的用户名在远程机器上安装 Windows 服务)
Publish one web project from solution with msbuild(使用 msbuild 从解决方案发布一个 Web 项目)
#39;dotnet restore#39; vs. #39;nuget restore#39; with TeamCity(使用 TeamCity 的“dotnet restore与“nuget restore)
Could not load file or assembly #39;Microsoft.Build.Framework#39;(VS 2017)(无法加载文件或程序集“Microsoft.Build.Framework(VS 2017))
Project builds fine with Visual Studio but fails from the command line(项目使用 Visual Studio 构建良好,但从命令行失败)
Why does modifying project output directories cause: IOException was unhandled quot;Cannot locate resource #39;app.xaml#39;.quot;(为什么修改项目输出目录会导致:IOException is unhandled quot;Cannot locate resource app.xaml.quot;) - IT屋-程序
How to install MSBuild on OS X and Linux?(如何在 OS X 和 Linux 上安装 MSBuild?)
nunit tests throwing exception only when run as part of tfs msbuild process(nunit 仅在作为 tfs msbuild 进程的一部分运行时才测试抛出异常)
Read AssemblyFileVersion from AssemblyInfo post-compile(从 AssemblyInfo 后编译读取 AssemblyFileVersion)