Android - 以编程方式设置 TextView TextStyle?

Android - set TextView TextStyle programmatically?(Android - 以编程方式设置 TextView TextStyle?)
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有没有办法以编程方式设置 TextViewtextStyle 属性?似乎没有 setTextStyle() 方法.

Is there a way to set the textStyle attribute of a TextView programmatically? There doesn't appear to be a setTextStyle() method.

要清楚,我不是在谈论 View/Widget 样式!我说的是以下内容:

To be clear, I am not talking about View / Widget styles! I am talking about the following:

  android:text="Hello World"
  android:textStyle="bold" />



setTypeface 是属性 textStyle.

setTypeface is the Attribute textStyle.

正如 Shankar V 添加的那样,为了保留之前设置的字体属性,您可以使用:

As Shankar V added, to preserve the previously set typeface attributes you can use:

textview.setTypeface(textview.getTypeface(), Typeface.BOLD);

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