C++ stl unordered_map implementation, reference validity(C++ stl unordered_map 实现,参考有效性)
C++: Is it possible to use a reference as the value in a map?(C++:是否可以使用引用作为映射中的值?)
Where ampersand quot;amp;quot; can be put when passing argument by reference?(其中符号“amp;通过引用传递参数时可以放置吗?)
Why can a non-const reference parameter be bound to a temporary object?(为什么可以将非常量引用参数绑定到临时对象?)
What is a dangling reference?(什么是悬空引用?)
C++ reference changes when push_back new element to std::vector(当 push_back 新元素到 std::vector 时,C++ 引用发生变化)
Why does std::forward have two overloads?(为什么 std::forward 有两个重载?)
Am I right in saying that const_cast followed by modification on a ref-to-const bound to a temporary is okay?(我说 const_cast 然后修改绑定到临时对象的 ref-to-const 是对的吗?)
Rvalues, lvalues and formal definitions(右值、左值和形式定义)
polymorphic C++ references(多态 C++ 引用)
What#39;s the semantically accurate position for the ampersand in C++ references(C++ 引用中 符号在语义上的准确位置是什么)
Why should I use reference variables at all?(为什么我应该使用引用变量?)