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        Is null reference possible?(可以空引用吗?)
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                  Is this piece of code valid (and defined behavior)?

                  int &nullReference = *(int*)0;

                  g++ 和 clang++ 编译时没有任何警告,即使使用 -Wall-Wextra-std=c++98, -pedantic, -Weffc++...

                  Both g++ and clang++ compile it without any warning, even when using -Wall, -Wextra, -std=c++98, -pedantic, -Weffc++...


                  Of course the reference is not actually null, since it cannot be accessed (it would mean dereferencing a null pointer), but we could check whether it's null or not by checking its address:

                  if( & nullReference == 0 ) // null reference




                  一个引用应该被初始化为引用有效的对象或函数.[注意:特别是空引用不能存在于一个明确定义的程序,因为只有这样创建这样的引用将是将其绑定到通过获得的对象"取消引用一个空指针,它导致未定义的行为.作为在 9.6 中描述,引用不能直接绑定到位域.]

                  A reference shall be initialized to refer to a valid object or function. [Note: in particular, a null reference cannot exist in a well-defined program, because the only way to create such a reference would be to bind it to the "object" obtained by dereferencing a null pointer, which causes undefined behavior. As described in 9.6, a reference cannot be bound directly to a bit-field. ]



                  Certain other operations are described in this International Standard as undefined (for example, the effect of dereferencing the null pointer)


                  As Johannes says in a deleted answer, there's some doubt whether "dereferencing a null pointer" should be categorically stated to be undefined behavior. But this isn't one of the cases that raise doubts, since a null pointer certainly does not point to a "valid object or function", and there is no desire within the standards committee to introduce null references.




                  C++ stl unordered_map implementation, reference validity(C++ stl unordered_map 实现,参考有效性)
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                  Why can a non-const reference parameter be bound to a temporary object?(为什么可以将非常量引用参数绑定到临时对象?)
                  What is a dangling reference?(什么是悬空引用?)
                  C++ reference changes when push_back new element to std::vector(当 push_back 新元素到 std::vector 时,C++ 引用发生变化)

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