Leaflet : Firing an event when bounds change(Leaflet:当边界改变时触发一个事件)


我正在使用 leaflet 开发一个新的应用程序.您可以在这里了解该应用.

I am using leaflet to develop a new application. You can have an idea of the app here.


I would like to fire an event whenever the bounds of the map change. I looked at the doc but couldn't find anything related to that.

我找到了 getBounds() 方法,以及可能的 事件方法,但两者都没有结合.

I have found the getBounds() method, and the list of possible event methods, but nothing combining both.


The only other possibility I see to do that is to check for mouse drag and scroll events and check the bounds every time. But I was hoping there would be something better to do.


Would you have a better idea? Thanks!


每次移动地图(通过平移或缩放)时都会更新地图边界.所以你可以使用 moveend 事件来达到你的目的

Map bounds are updated each time the map is moved (either by pan or zoom). So you can use moveend event for your purpose

map.on('moveend', function(e) {
   var bounds = map.getBounds();




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