Leaflet - 可拖动的标记和坐标以字段形式显示

Leaflet - draggable marker and coordinates display in a field form(Leaflet - 可拖动的标记和坐标以字段形式显示)
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我必须做一个可拖动的标记,它的坐标应该显示在字段中.它将成为 PHP 中联系表单的一部分.我创建了一个可拖动的标记,请帮助我现在该怎么做.

I have to do a draggable marker and its coordinates should be displayed in fields. It will be a part of a contact form in PHP. I created a draggable marker, help me what to do now.

var marker = L.marker(new L.LatLng(53.471, 18.744), {
draggable: true


这是 Google Maps API 中的示例,我需要在 Leaflet 中使用相同的示例.

Here is example in Google Maps API, I need the same in Leaflet.



You should use the dragend event of L.Marker, so you known dragging has ended, then get the coordinates of the marker by using the getLatLng method of L.Marker. When you've fetched those you can assign them to the values of your text inputs.

marker.on('dragend', function (e) {
    document.getElementById('latitude').value = marker.getLatLng().lat;
    document.getElementById('longitude').value = marker.getLatLng().lng;

Plunker 上的工作示例:http://plnkr.co/edit/iyMhaoAyllr2uNSOHhS9?p=preview

Working example on Plunker: http://plnkr.co/edit/iyMhaoAyllr2uNSOHhS9?p=preview

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