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        Why is the output of my function printing out quot;Nonequot;?(为什么我的函数输出打印出“无?)

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                  I just learned (am learning) how function parameters work in Python, and I started experimenting with it for no apparent reason, when this:

                  def jiskya(x, y):
                      if x > y:
                  print(jiskya(2, 3))

                  gave the ouput:


                  Where did the None come from? And what is it?


                  It's the return value of the function, which you print out. If there is no return statement (or just a return without an argument), an implicit return None is added to the end of a function.

                  You probably want to return the values in the function instead of printing them:

                  def jiskya(x, y):
                      if x > y:
                          return y
                          return x
                  print(jiskya(2, 3))




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