Google Drive API 客户端(Python):files().insert() 的权限不足

Google Drive API Client (Python): Insufficient Permission for files().insert()(Google Drive API 客户端(Python):files().insert() 的权限不足)
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我正在尝试让一个简单的 Python Google Drive 上传器正常工作.我在开发者控制台中创建了一个项目,启用了 Drive API 并添加了一个 OAuth 2.0 客户端 ID(应用程序类型 Other).

I am trying to get a simple Python Google Drive uploader working. I've created a project in the developer console, enabled the Drive API and added an OAuth 2.0 client ID (application type Other).

我可以看到Google Drive的设置->管理应用中列出的应用程序,并且可以成功执行Google的Python Drive API客户端提供的许多操作.files ().insert () 但是失败了:

I can see the application listed in the Google Drive's Settings -> Manage Apps, and can successfully execute many operations provided by the Python Drive API client from Google. files ().insert () however fails with:

googleapiclient.errors.HttpError: <HttpError 403 when requesting returned "Insufficient Permission">


This is for an insert into a directory which I have made writable to everyone, as seen below:

credentials = get_credentials ()
http = credentials.authorize (httplib2.Http ())
service = ('drive', 'v2', http=http)


perms = service.permissions().list(fileId=PARENT_ID).execute()

print ("PERMISSIONS:")
for perm in perms["items"]:
    for p in perm:
        print (p, perm[p])


parent = {
    "isRoot": False,
    "kind": "drive#parentReference",
    "id": PARENT_ID

service.files ().insert (
    body = {"parents" : [parent]},
).execute ()


(u'withLink', True)
(u'kind', u'drive#permission')
(u'etag', u'"F-w0rsCIWtQP8RGyv_V1DlKfcRk/icwHkDdfUYuMzqZrUsVIyvu85K8"')
(u'role', u'writer')
(u'type', u'anyone')
(u'id', u'anyoneWithLink')
(u'selfLink', u'')


Can anyone point me to which permission I am missing, please?


文件: 插入 需要至少具有以下范围之一的授权

Files: insert requires authorization with at least one of the following scopes


Check which scope you are authenticating with.

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