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      1. 使用同一表中另一行的数据更新行

        Update row with data from another row in the same table(使用同一表中另一行的数据更新行)

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                1. 本文介绍了使用同一表中另一行的数据更新行的处理方法,对大家解决问题具有一定的参考价值,需要的朋友们下面随着跟版网的小编来一起学习吧!




                  I've got a table which looks something like this

                  ID   |   NAME    |  VALUE  |
                   1   |   Test    |  VALUE1 |
                   2   |   Test2   |  VALUE2 |
                   1   |   Test2   |         |
                   4   |   Test    |         |
                   1   |   Test3   |  VALUE3 |

                  我正在寻找一种方法来更新值 'Test2' 和 'Test' 与来自'VALUE' 列中具有相同'NAME' 的其他行的数据(ID 在这里不是唯一的,复合键ID 和 NAME 使一行唯一).例如,我正在寻找的输出是:

                  I'm looking for a way to update the values 'Test2' and 'Test' with the data from other rows in the 'VALUE' column with the same 'NAME' (The ID is not unique here, a composite key of the ID and NAME make a row unique). For example, the output I'm looking for is:

                  ID   |   NAME    |  VALUE  |
                   1   |   Test    |  VALUE1 |
                   2   |   Test2   |  VALUE2 |
                   1   |   Test2   |  VALUE2 |
                   4   |   Test    |  VALUE1 |
                   1   |   Test3   |  VALUE3 |

                  如果它在另一个表中,我会很好,但我不知道如何引用当前表中具有相同 NAME 值的不同行.

                  If it was in another table I'd be fine, but I'm at a loss as to how I can reference a different row within the current table with the same NAME value.


                  修改 manji 查询后,以下是我用于工作解决方案的查询.谢谢大家!

                  After modifying manji query, below is the query I used for a working solution. Thanks all!

                  UPDATE data_table dt1, data_table dt2 
                  SET dt1.VALUE = dt2.VALUE 
                  WHERE dt1.NAME = dt2.NAME AND dt1.VALUE = '' AND dt2.VALUE != '' 



                  UPDATE data_table t, (SELECT DISTINCT ID, NAME, VALUE
                                          FROM data_table
                                         WHERE VALUE IS NOT NULL AND VALUE != '') t1
                     SET t.VALUE = t1.VALUE
                   WHERE t.ID = t1.ID
                     AND t.NAME = t1.NAME




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