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        Serial Port Polling and Data handling(串口轮询和数据处理)

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                • 本文介绍了串口轮询和数据处理的处理方法,对大家解决问题具有一定的参考价值,需要的朋友们下面随着跟版网的小编来一起学习吧!


                  I am trying to read from several serial ports from sensors through microcontrollers. Each serial port will receive more than 2000 measurements (each measurement is 7 bytes, all in hex). And they are firing at the same time. Right now I am polling from 4 serial ports. Also, I translate each measurement into String and append it to a Stringbuilder. When I finish receiving data, they will be ouput in to a file. The problem is the CPU consumption is very high, ranging from 80% to 100%.

                  I went though some articles and put Thread.Sleep(100) at the end. It reduces CPU time when there is no data coming. I also put Thread.Sleep at the end of each polling when the BytesToRead is smaller than 100. It only helps to a certain extent.

                  Can someone suggest a solution to poll from serial port and handle data that I get? Maybe appending every time I get something causes the problem?

                  //I use separate threads for all sensors
                  private void SensorThread(SerialPort mySerialPort, int bytesPerMeasurement, TextBox textBox,     StringBuilder data)
                          textBox.BeginInvoke(new MethodInvoker(delegate() { textBox.Text = ""; }));
                          int bytesRead;
                          int t;
                          Byte[] dataIn;
                          while (mySerialPort.IsOpen)
                                  if (mySerialPort.BytesToRead != 0)
                                    //trying to read a fix number of bytes
                                      bytesRead = 0;
                                      t = 0;
                                      dataIn = new Byte[bytesPerMeasurement];
                                      t = mySerialPort.Read(dataIn, 0, bytesPerMeasurement);
                                      bytesRead += t;
                                      while (bytesRead != bytesPerMeasurement)
                                          t = mySerialPort.Read(dataIn, bytesRead, bytesPerMeasurement - bytesRead);
                                          bytesRead += t;
                                      //convert them into hex string
                                      StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder();
                                      foreach (Byte b in dataIn) { s.Append(b.ToString("X") + ","); }
                                      var line = s.ToString();
                                                              var lineString = string.Format("{0}  ----          {2}",
                                      data.Append(lineString + "
                  ");//append a measurement to a huge Stringbuilder...Need a solution for this.
                                      ////use delegate to change UI thread...
                                      textBox.BeginInvoke(new MethodInvoker(delegate() { textBox.Text = line; }));
                                      if (mySerialPort.BytesToRead <= 100) { Thread.Sleep(100); }
                              catch (Exception ex)


                  this is not a good way to do it, it far better to work on the DataReceived event.

                  basically with serial ports there's a 3 stage process that works well.

                  • Receiving the Data from the serial port
                  • Waiting till you have a relevant chunk of data
                  • Interpreting the data

                  so something like

                  class DataCollector
                      private readonly Action<List<byte>> _processMeasurement;
                      private readonly string _port;
                      private SerialPort _serialPort;
                      private const int SizeOfMeasurement = 4;
                      List<byte> Data = new List<byte>();
                      public DataCollector(string port, Action<List<byte>> processMeasurement)
                          _processMeasurement = processMeasurement;
                          _serialPort = new SerialPort(port);
                          _serialPort.DataReceived +=SerialPortDataReceived;
                      private void SerialPortDataReceived(object sender, SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e)
                          while(_serialPort.BytesToRead > 0)
                             var count = _serialPort.BytesToRead;
                             var bytes = new byte[count];
                             _serialPort.Read(bytes, 0, count);
                      private void AddBytes(byte[] bytes)
                          while(Data.Count > SizeOfMeasurement)            
                              var measurementData = Data.GetRange(0, SizeOfMeasurement);
                              Data.RemoveRange(0, SizeOfMeasurement);
                              if (_processMeasurement != null) _processMeasurement(measurementData);

                  Note: Add Bytes keeps collecting data till you have enough to count as a measurement, or if you get a burst of data, splits it up into seperate measurements.... so you can get 1 byte one time, 2 the next, and 1 more the next, and it will then take that an turn it into a measurement. Most of the time if your micro sends it in a burst, it will come in as one, but sometimes it will get split into 2.

                  then somewhere you can do

                  var collector = new DataCollector("COM1", ProcessMeasurement);


                    private void ProcessMeasurement(List<byte> bytes)
                                  // this will get called for every measurement, so then
                                  // put stuff into a text box.... or do whatever




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