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        Remove unused namespaces across a whole project or solution at once(一次删除整个项目或解决方案中未使用的命名空间)

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                • 本文介绍了一次删除整个项目或解决方案中未使用的命名空间的处理方法,对大家解决问题具有一定的参考价值,需要的朋友们下面随着跟版网的小编来一起学习吧!



                  I know you can do it file by file.


                  Is there any way to do this in one step for all files in a project?


                  你的意思是使用语句吗?首先,请注意,它们通常不会伤害其他占用空间的东西.ReSharper 等工具提供了自动执行此操作的技巧,但是:有一个 链接到VS提要一会儿前;归结为:

                  Do you mean using statements? First, note that they generally do no harm other that take space. Tools like ReSharper offer automated tricks to do this, however: there was a link in the VS feed a little while ago; it boils down to:

                  • 转到工具 -> 宏 -> 宏 IDE...
                  • 在 Project Explorer 中,添加 -> 添加模块...(输入名称 - 我使用了 OrganiseUsings)
                  • 粘贴下面的代码
                  • 文件 -> 保存 MyMacros,退出

                  现在,如果您右键单击工具栏并自定义... - 您应该能够找到 MyMacros.OrganiseUsings.RemoveAndSortAll - 将其拖到方便的地方(可能是工具菜单;您可能还想在放置后更改名称它).

                  Now if you right-click on the toolbar and Customize... - you should be able to find MyMacros.OrganiseUsings.RemoveAndSortAll - drag this somewhere handy (maybe the Tools menu; you might also want to change the name after placing it).


                  You can now use this option to run the Remove and Sort command for an entire solution. A big time-saver.

                  ==== 代码 ====

                  ==== code ====

                  Imports System
                  Imports EnvDTE
                  Imports EnvDTE80
                  Imports EnvDTE90
                  Imports System.Diagnostics
                  Public Module OrganiseUsings
                      Public Sub RemoveAndSortAll()
                          On Error Resume Next
                          Dim sol As Solution = DTE.Solution
                          For i As Integer = 1 To sol.Projects.Count    
                              Dim proj As Project = sol.Projects.Item(i)    
                              For j As Integer = 1 To proj.ProjectItems.Count    
                      End Sub    
                      Private Sub RemoveAndSortSome(ByVal projectItem As ProjectItem)
                          On Error Resume Next
                          If projectItem.Kind = Constants.vsProjectItemKindPhysicalFile Then    
                              If projectItem.Name.LastIndexOf(".cs") = projectItem.Name.Length - 3 Then
                                  Dim window As Window = projectItem.Open(Constants.vsViewKindCode)
                              End If    
                          End If    
                          For i As Integer = 1 To projectItem.ProjectItems.Count    
                      End Sub   
                  End Module




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