Newtonsoft JSON 反序列化

Newtonsoft JSON Deserialize(Newtonsoft JSON 反序列化)
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我的 JSON 如下:

My JSON is as follows:


我找到了用于 C# 的 Newtonsoft JSON.NET 反序列化库.我尝试按如下方式使用它:

I found the Newtonsoft JSON.NET deserialize library for C#. I tried to use it as follow:

object JsonDe = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Json); 

如何访问 JsonDe 对象以获取所有类型"数据?我用循环尝试了它,但它不起作用,因为该对象没有枚举器.

How can I access to the JsonDe object to get all the "Type" Data? I tried it with a loop but it is not working because the object does not have an enumerator.


你可以实现一个类来保存 JSON 中的字段

You can implement a class that holds the fields you have in your JSON

class MyData
    public string t;
    public bool a;
    public object[] data;
    public string[][] type;

然后使用 DeserializeObject 的通用版本:

and then use the generic version of DeserializeObject:

MyData tmp = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<MyData>(json);
foreach (string typeStr in tmp.type[0])
    // Do something with typeStr

文档:序列化和反序列化 JSON

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